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Are you looking for answers to your garage door questions? Here you will find short, simply put answers

  • What's the purpose of having safety cables?

    Safety cables protect you from having accidents with extension garage door springs. Since they're placed through the springs and are attached on the two opposite sides, they keep springs in place in case they break. Springs have the tendency to pop when they break and that's why accidents occur. Safety cables will protect you.

  • How does an automatic garage door work?

    With newer technologies, automatic garage doors are now more convenient and easier to use. But basically these mechanisms involve a motor, a remote, a transmitter, and sensors. With this technology, you eliminate the need to exert a lot of effort to manually open your doors. They also make your garage safer.

  • The door does not close all the way - how do I fix this?

    The problem is most probably with one of the garage door tracks. Inspect them for obstructions carefully. If you find any dirt build up or pebbles stuck, you have to remove them. Check for damage to the tracks and for bending as well.

  • Do I have to clean the garage door panels?

    Yes, this is necessary for keeping the door in good condition. Use a cleaner which is appropriate for the type of material that the door is made from. The specialists in garage door repair Peachtree City recommend the use of a soft non-abrasive cleaning tool.

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